Our Pricing

Every project must be assessed individually.

This is because:

  • Some Drupal websites need configuration tweaks.
  • Some need a simple code fix.
  • Some need to have an offline development environment created to faciliate a thorough debugging process.
  • Some are processing thousands of pounds of transactions every day
  • Etc...

What we do know is this: if you have a problem with your website and that problem is costing you money, then we are the guys who you can trust to get you back in business. We are expert, honest and methodical and we respect that your website is crucial to your business.

Every project will begin with an Initial Assessment. During the Initial Assessment we need to acquire relevant access details from you, review log files, examine site behaviour, look at the state of the code base and consider any risks of deploying fixes to your live website. The bare minimum we will require for the Initial Assessment is a Drupal admin login. A server / hosting login is usually needed at some point.

After the Initial Assessment we will provide you with a summary of the problem and we will estimate the costs involved to complete any necesary work.

We have prepared some example projects to illustrate potential costs involved:




Getting Started

Please complete the no obligation form on the right, providing as much relevant information as possible.

We will contact you to indicate whether we can undertake the project, answer your preliminary queries, propose a project start time and cost.

We hope to hear from you soon and we look forward to restoring your functionality.